Affinity® 2 Wheel Walking Frame Zimmer

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3.00 KGS
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Product Description
Frame Aluminium
Width Between 45cm
Weight 2.9kg
Handle Height  76 - 94cm
Handle height Adjustments 8 settings at 2.5cm increments
Handles Moulded Plastic - non-slip
Folded Depth 11cm
Height 25cm
Safe Working Load 135kg

Description    Back in Stock, by Popular demand!

When walking becomes unsteady, and the risk of falls increases, consider a Walking frame.

Also suitable for lower leg injuries, post operations.

Originally identified as a Zimmer Frame, or Wheeled pulpit frames, the Aluminium Walking Frames are worth considering.

Walking Frames are the most stable walking aids.

They have a large base of support, which makes them appropriate for people too weak to use arm crutches, or walking canes, safely.

Walking frames are designed for use around the home, but can be used outside, on smooth level surfaces.

They are an excellent choice for people who have poor balance, or difficulty, holding up their weight.

They allow the user to walk more slowly and deliberately.

Two wheeled rollators have small wheels on the front legs and ferrules, at the rear.

The wheels allow the frame to be pushed, by gliding them across the floor. This makes them less likely to run away than a four-wheeled frame, and may allow a more flowing walking pattern, than with a non-wheeled walking frame.

It also tends to increase the speed at which you can walk. However, you must be aware that the front wheels do not swivel and can be harder to manouevre when navigating corners.

This may necessitate the frame having to be lifted to navigate sharp turns.