Care Information

Caring for your equipment will ensure your products will last and give you the maximum useage for your dollar.

Please see the related User Manual and/or Blog for care advise for specific items.

Links and General Advice that may be useful include:-

Bathroom Aids - Store out of wet the area ie bath or shower recess, to avoid mould growth.

Wash with warm soapy water and disinfectant, as per instructions on the bottle, wiping all the surfaces.

Rinse well and dry off. 

Wheelchair   Ensure the Pneumatic Tyres are pumped up. The inner tubes will deteriorated rapidly if allowed to go flat.

Check the brakes - both attendant and wheel brake, to ensure they are not wearing and have a good grip to stop the chair rolling.


Check the brakes to ensure they are not loose.

Knee Scooter  

Check the brakes