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Rollator - Putting it Together

Posted by David on


Instructions - Shower Chair Bath Seat or Stool Adjustable Height Removable Back and Armrests

 Dauer Shower Chair/Stool Inspect all parts before assembly. If any parts are missing or damaged, contact us at your earliest convenience.ALWAYS CHECK THE DEVICE IS SECURE PRIOR TO USE. Always observe the weight limit. Our Dauer Shower Chair has a weight capacity of 110kg.Adjust the stool to the desired height, add the Chair Back and Armrests by securing the Locking Pins.Do not stand on [...]

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Bathing with a Shower Chair/Stool

How to Use Your Shower Chair SafelyIn the Bath - make sure the chairs feet sit securely on the base of the bath, making sure the seat does not rock and allowing the suction caps to grab, to avoid slippage.In the Shower - place the chair in the shower recess. Ensure the seat is level [...]

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Dauer Rollator Instructions

User Manual for Rollator - Dauer (DRL1691070) (This is a guide intended for general use only. Please consult your health care provide for specialist information and advice)Scroll down for:-  Whats in the Box? [...]

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How to use your Rollator

How To Use Your Rollator  Whilst instructions on using Rollators is generally universal, this information is based on Mack 'n Me Rollator. Please refer to your model for specifics, such as engaging the brake, etc.  There are four main activities that you need to perform safely when using your Rollator These are: standing up, walking, turning, [...]

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Rollator VS Walking stick

4 Wheel Rollator VS Walking Stick….There are many products that assist with mobility and maintain, or increase, independence.One or two walking sticks help improve balance and helps support the user, reducing the load on the limb or hip, and thereby reducing pain. But when walking sticks are no longer suitable, for any number of reasons, the next step is [...]

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How to measure a Rollator to suit you

Is important that you size your Rollator properly? An incorrect Rollator height can cause pain in your back, shoulders and/or arms.Ensuring you have the  correct posture when you use your Rollator will reduce the risk of injury and strain, especially to these areas.Walking distances, with the wrongly sized Rollator,can also add to fatigue, as wrong posture can also [...]

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How to use our Commode as a Bedroom Toilet

The CommodeThe commode is a movable chair/toilet. There are many different types of commode, and the type depends on the functions. Some look just like a chair with a toilet seat, others look like a wheelchair with a toilet seas. They usually have a bucket, or container, underneath. The bucket is removable, for cleaning, after [...]

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Is a Rollator Right?

Is a Rollator the Solution?There are many situations in which a Rollator would be a great investment for, and to maintain, independence.Examples of when a Rollator would be ideal, include, but not limited to:- 1) When the person has reduced weight bearing, that is, cannot, reliably stand on one, or both, legs. The types of  situations this may occur [...]

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