Hire Equipment

Mack ‘n Me minimum Hire on One Item is 2 weeks 

Hire Terms And Conditions - For Illawarra Residents Only 

  1. The Hire period commences from the day the equipment is received by the customer.
  2. 2 week hire fee and $35 Deposit is payable, on the commencement of hire. Deposit is a one only payment, not for each item.
  3. The Client is to return equipment clean and in good working condition, other than what would be considered normal wear and tear. Any damage caused while the equipment is hired will be charged for, and the Deposit fee, forfeited.
  4. The Deposit is refundable when the equipment is returned to Mack 'n Me, in clean condition and undamaged. This is determined by the Cleaning/Sanitising Team. The Refund will be paid by the same payment method that it was paid - ie credit card, EFT or cash. 
  5. Hire fees are to be paid in cash, card or bank transfer. See Below for Deposit and Weekly Hire Fees
  6. We charge for our items on a weekly basis. Two week minimum hire charge applies to all equipment, and is then charged weekly. There are no part weeks.
  7. The Client indemnifies Australia Trade Partners T/A Mack ‘n Me not liable for all injuries or damage of any kind while operating any equipment hired thereof. Mack 'n Me accepts no responsibility for any injury caused or sustained through the use of items hired.
  8. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure you contact us, as soon as practical, to arrange for items to be returned to  Mack 'n Me. Hire Charges will continue, unless we are otherwise notified.
  9. Rental Fees apply, whether the item/s have been used or not.
  10. Repairs are not to be conducted on any of our equipment without prior authorisation from Mack 'n Me.
  11. If the Rental Item is faulty,or fails to operate in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Specifications and Operation Instructions, Mack ‘n Me will replace it, as soon as possible, at the shop. 
  12. We reserve the right to cease a hire period without any notice if:-  a) Hire payments are not being made  b) Equipment is being mistreated or used in an unsafe manner  c) Any Hire Terms and Conditions are being breached in any way        

Product Maintenance

Our Hire Equipment is thoroughly and hygienically cleaned before and after each use. Hospital Grade Disinfectant is used to clean and sanitise all products. All moveable parts are serviced, to ensure the item is safe and in good condition, before we offer it for hire. This does not apply to New Unused Items.

Emergency/After 12pm Book in for same day delivery - $75.00

For Illawarra Residents only.

The weekly hire fee for all items is priced per item per week, per item. 

Deposit and Hire Fees as follows:-

2 weeks payment and $35 Cleaning Fee paid on receipt of the items. Cleaning Fee is refundable on return of items, cleaned.

Standard Wheelchair/Transit Wheelchair     $15pw

Rollators/4 Wheel Walkers                           $15pw

Commodes  - Wheels $15pw   Bucket to be purchased $22

                       Bedside  $15pw        Bucket to be purchased $22

Knee Scooters      $20pw

Shower Chairs, Bed Rail, Over-Bed Table    $10pw

Shower Stool -  $10pw

Bariatric Shower Stool -  $15pw

Delivery is dependent on basic drop off,  or if measure and placement is required. 

Please contact us for delivery options.