Shower Commode Self Propelled

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Product Description
Frame Aluminium
Colour White
Weight 18kg
Handle Height  103cm
Seat Height 43cm
Unit Footprint D 62cm X W 65cm
 Seat Dimensions W 43cm X D 43cm
Arm-to-arm Width 45cm
Over Toilet Height 47cm
Over Toilet Width 35cm between bolts
Weight Capacity 120kg
Width, including Wheel Rim 65cm
Length - rear wheels to front  89cm
Length with footrests rear to front 100cm


If bathroom trips are becoming risky and difficult, our Over-Toilet Commode may be the answer.

It can also be used as a Bedside Toilet, especially at night, to reduce the risk of falls. User-Friendly, Light-weight and Strong, this Commode has many applications.

As Health Professionals, with more than 60 years experience, we cannot count the number of times we have looked after someone who has had a fall going to the bathroom, especially at night, when the light is difficult to focus and the balance is not so steady.

After years of picking up, and nursing, a patient who has fallen, it's nice to be a part of the prevention of falls.

The Commode can help reduce the risks!