Shower Chair Wide - Steel

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9.00 KGS
$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Product Description
Frame Epoxy Coated aluminium
Colours White
Unit Weight 3.3kg
Seat Height 42 - 57cm
Seat Size  D 40cm X W 44cm
Overall Unit Height  735mm - 910mm
Unit Footprint  D 57cm X W 57cm
Width Between Arms 525mm
Load Capacity 200kg


When showering, or bathing starts becoming unsafe, consider using a shower chair or stool. Energy conserving, using a shower aid may help you through the day. The choice between a stool or chair is dependant on individual situations.

A chair is recommended if the user fatigues easily, is unable to sit upright without back support for a period of time and there is room in the shower recess.

The Extra Wide Aluminium Shower Seat enables a safe, comfortable shower. 

The seat is curved for extra comfort and drainage.

The extra width is in the frame - the seat is the same size as a standard plastic moulded chair.

Made of corrosion-resistant, epoxy coated steel aluminium, with non-slip rubber feet. 

Tested to Australian Standards, the extra width allows access to difficult to get to areas in a normal size chair.

Do not stand on the seat.

Adjust the seat to the desired height by depressing the ball until it locks into the desired height hole.

Ensure the legs are the same height, and stable on a flat surface.

Clean with mild detergent and allow to dry after use.

  • Reinforced wide frame – Provides stability for larger users
  • Safe Working Load (S.W.L) of 200kg. Tested to AS/NZS3973.7:2009
  • Contoured plastic seat with drainage holes and windows - Provides postural support, improves drainage and reduces skin adhesion
  • Height adjustable legs – Easy push button height adjustment for changing needs
  • Additional height increment