Leg Support Heat Sealed

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1.00 KGS
$14.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Product Description
Width 35cm 
Depth 34cm  front to back
Height 30cm (in front of feet)
Height 36cm (behind calves)
Colour Green
Weight 600gms

Main Features

  • No pressure on heels
  • Helps prevent foot-drop
  • Helps prevent oedema
  • Light to move or carry
  • Water-resistant cover made for oedema / incontinent patients
  • Feet raised off cold and draughty floors
  • Soft foam construction that should not harm patients if they walk into it

When the legs are correctly in position, the weight is spread between the legs and the feet. This means there is no pressure on the heels. Possibly some patients with large, heavy legs, could have a slight pressure on the heels, although by adjusting the position of the Leg Support, this pressure may be prevented. The Leg Support has a series of ridges to provide a soft convoluted surface for the calves to rest. Foot-drop may be prevented by resting the feet on the flat front foot-rest, and as the Leg Support is made from foam, the patient can press against the foot-rest section and the flexibility of the foam will prevent the patient’s feet from feeling ‘trapped’ as if in a solid piece of furniture. Some patients may benefit by exercising their feet on the foot-rest.

When in use, please note that the Leg Support can be tilted up a bit, to provide alternative pressure points on the leg. During the course of a day, a patient may like the support altered from the normal position to a variety of different angles. Some oedema patients may need extra height for resting their legs, and use the support upside-down, thus losing the advantage of the leg and feet supports. With some badly contracted patients, it may be better to use the support back to front but this can only be determined after observation of the patient’s posture by nursing staff.

This product is to help with the prevention of pressure sores. Sometimes, due to the patient deteriorating, the product may become unsuitable. Continuous monitoring is necessary and alternative products may be recommended.

Leg Support – Heat Sealed

This item is also available with a 100% Heat Sealed cover. To allow for the heat sealed seam, there is a small ‘skirt’ at the bottom of the item. This will not affect how the item is used.