Rollator VS Walking stick

Rollator VS Walking stick

Posted by Jackie McCormack on 18th May 2016

4 Wheel Rollator VS Walking Stick….

There are many products that assist with mobility and maintain, or increase, independence.

One or two walking sticks help improve balance and helps support the user, reducing the load on the limb or hip, and thereby reducing pain. But when walking sticks are no longer suitable, for any number of reasons, the next step is a Rollator.

A Rollator offers more support than walking stick, but, unlike a walking stick, the Rollator gives you even weight distribution.

If the user has uneven gait (walking) because of a hip or spine condition, a Rollator can be adjusted to suit.

Compared with a walking stick or 3-wheeler Rollator, the 4 Wheel Rollators offer more stability and easy maneuverability, both indoors and outdoors.

A 3 wheeled Rollator, because of the triangular design, can be easily tipped if the user has a balance issue, making the 4 wheeler more practical a solution.

For specifics, all Rollators are different. So, as an example, these are some of the features and functions of our Rollator.

With 15 possible height combinations to enable you to personalise the unit to suit you, you can have greater confidence with your walking. And that means independence for longer.

The Height of the Rollator must suit your needs with comfort when correctly sized up.

For example, if the user is shorter on one side, the adjustments to one of the handles of the Rollator can be personalised so they can walk with comfort.

The dual loop brakes to slow the unit going up or down inclines. More control in these circumstances allows the user to determine the pace, not the Rollator.

Push-down locking mechanism makes it a quick and simple push down to lock the Rollator in place. A lift of the handles releases the brakes. Squeezing the handles gives speed control. User friendly! 

The seat allows the user to rest, taking breaks as they wish, reducing user fatigue. It can be adjusted for comfort and ease of standing and sitting. The backrest is padded and adjustable for comfort, but can also be removed, if not required by the user.

The under seat basket allows for storage, removing clutter and bulk that may create a fall risk.

Folding Front to Back, with a simple lift of the handle, that is under the hinged seat, and removable wheels make the unit more compact for storage or transport.

The unit is light weight at 6.9kg. But don’t be deceived! It is strong, with a load capacity of 136kg.

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