Is a Rollator Right?

Is a Rollator Right?

Posted by Jackie McCormack on 18th May 2016

Is a Rollator the Solution?

There are many situations in which a Rollator would be a great investment for, and to maintain, independence.

Examples of when a Rollator would be ideal, include, but not limited to:-

1) When the person has reduced weight bearing, that is, cannot, reliably stand on one, or both, legs. The types of  situations this may occur may include;

      Conditions affecting the legs and/or feet, including Fractures (broken bones) or ulcers/wounds that are 

                healing/slow healing, or non-healing.

      Arthritic pain and poor circulation problems (PVD)

      Hip or knee problems, including after surgery

      Conditions that cause hopping, such as amputation, or walking with prosthesis.

2) When a person easily tires (fatigues) or cannot go as far as they used to, (reduced endurance) such as;

      Shortness of breath, from Respiratory Conditions,

                  COPD, Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis.

3) When balance becomes a bit of a problem, such as:

        Dizziness, vertigo, inner ear disturbances, low blood pressure, stroke, TIA,  multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, 

                   scoliosis or diabetic neuropathy (pain and numbness in the feet), Parkinsons, 

        Being “unsteady on the feet” due to slowing of reflexes to the changes in position or body movement

With these situations/conditions in mind, using a Rollator can improve balance, stability, and increase confidence with mobility. 

The four wheels and easy maneuverability must be considered, and the user should have a degree of control to use the unit.

Also consider other options such as walking stick/s, two wheel or no wheel walking frames or a wheelchair, to determine which product would best, safely, suit the individual's needs.

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