Cushion Wheelchair

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Product Description
Cushion Material High Quality Bestsorb® Memory Foam
Cover Colour Black
Weight 1.4kg
Cushion Height 9cm
Medium Size 42cm X 42cm X 8cm
Large Size 46cm X 42cm X 8cm 
Cushion Cover Cooling Fabric w Breathable Mesh Sides and Anti-Slip Back
Load Capacity 220kg


It really has been a struggle recommending Wheelchair Cushions - until now!

Price, Quality, User-Friendly and Value for Money have contributed to a huge reluctance to recommend the Cushions on the Australia Market today.

But we believe we have found a solution with our New, High Quality, European Standards Affinity Pressure Cushion.

International Ratings - CE, SGS and ROHS Certifications - ensure you can be confident of the Quality and Design.

Ergonomically designed

Unique Technology

Value for money, our Cushion features the following:-

  • MAP reading shows up to 84% body pressure absorbed

  • Cooling fabric and design - reduces Body Temperature by up to 2oC

  • Cushion Cover  - Colour Black

  • Weight - 1.4kg

  • Maximum Load - 220kg

  • Cushion height 5cm

  • Dimensions W 53 X D 47cm. Can be used on recliners

  • Cushion Cover - Delicate Cooling Fabric, Breathable Mesh Sides and Anti-Slip Back

  • Unique Design - assists with Posture

  • Can be used as a wheelchair and a seat cushion

Because of the cooling properties, which help aid comfort, and Pressure Absorption, we cannot offer a Waterproof version at this time. 

Our Cushion is not recommended for incontinent users.